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A collection of computer generated puzzles

About PuzzleBeast

What goes into designing a great puzzle that is challenging and fun to solve? Most puzzle designers will tell you that it takes a combination of logic, intuition, and trial and error to create a good puzzle. But can a computer program create good puzzles? Check out the puzzles below and see what you think. (More information on PuzzleBeast puzzles.)

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Puzzles from the Bestiary

Slanty Sliding Block Icon Slanty Sliding Block Puzzles
Fried Okra Icon The Fried Okra Perplexity
Irritating Sliding Block Icon A Dozen Irritating Sliding Block Puzzles
Bulbous Blob Icon The Bulbous Blob Puzzle
Monk Maze Icon Meandering Monk Maze
Packing Crate Maze Icon The Kung Fu Packing Crate Maze
Rolling Block Maze Icon Rolling Block Puzzles
Dry Cleaner Maze Icon Dry Cleaner Puzzles and
More Dry Cleaner Puzzles
Christmas Tree Maze Icon The Christmas Tree Maze
Dry Cleaner 2 Icon Dry Cleaner II: The Dungeon of Stubborn Stains
Sliding Block Puzzles Icon Sliding Block Puzzles
Conslide Puzzles Icon Oskar van Deventer's ConSlide Puzzles

Older PuzzleBeast generated puzzles are posted at Andrea Gilbert's clickmazes site. (See Plank Puzzles and Orientation Mazes.)
For best results, the Java based puzzles are best viewed with Mozilla 1.2, Internet Explorer 5.0, Netscape 4.7, or higher versions.

All puzzles copyright by James W. Stephens, unless otherwise noted

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