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The Bulbous Blob Puzzle

(The Bulbous Blob Puzzle is now available from Smart Games under the title Anti-Virus)

Professor Albert von Braun, noted food researcher and author of the Chinese Laundromat Cookbook, has just made a major breakthrough on his long sought after Grand Unified Meal Theory. Working in his laboratory late into the night he has, at long last, proved the mathematical link between the five foundation sauces of French cuisine and the thirty-one basic flavors of ice cream.

Unfortunately, AvB is getting very tired, and has accidentally dumped the jelly beans he is using as a flavor model into a vat of universal sauce. The mixture has reacted violently, and resulted in the jelly beans swelling up into menacing (but tantalizingly flavorful!) Bulbous Blobs of hissing mutated gelatin!! Even worse, the Sizzling Cinnamon (red) blob has swallowed up AvB's lab notebook and favorite set of measuring spoons. AvB needs to get his notebook back, but the red blob is stuck behind the other flavors of blobs blocking the doorway.

illustration of winning position You job is to free the reb blob from the laboratory. Can you accomplish this task before the tasty blobs of death make a meal out of you?


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Bulbous blob prototype

About the Bulbous Blob Puzzle

The Bulbous Blob Puzzle began as an idea by Oskar van Deventer for a new twist on the classic sliding block puzzle. Oskar and James Stephens then collaborated on developing the final piece designs and board shape, which Oskar then prototyped in metal. (The mechanical version plays quite well in its own right.) The challenges on this page were developed using the standard PuzzleBeast approach.

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Puzzles and applet copyright 2003-2004 by James W. Stephens.
Puzzle concept by M. Oskar van Deventer, 2003.

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