ConSlide puzzles are a new type of sliding block puzzles invented by M. Oskar van Deventer. (See a photo of Oskar's mechanical version of the ConSlide puzzles.) Oskar suggested that the ConSlide concept would be a good candidate for computer generated puzzles, and he was right. The puzzles below were created by a modified version of the sliding block puzzle generator, and I think you'll find some real challenges among them.

The pieces of a ConSlide puzzle move like regular sliding block puzzles, but some of the pieces have sections connected by bars of various heights. This means pieces can pass over and under one another as long as the bars and posts don't run into one another. The goal of each of these puzzles is to move the red block to the upper left corner. More detailed rules are presented below, or you may just want to play around with the puzzles to get a feel of what moves are allowed.

By the way, I should warn you that some of these puzzles are extremely difficult. Good luck!


  • To move a piece, grab it and drag.
  • You must grab the pieces by the square segments. Grabbing a piece by a bar won't work.
  • Pieces can pass under bars if there is enough room. A bar can pass under another bar if they are different heights. Pieces with single posts can also pass under a bar, but only if the bar is higher than the post. (Play around with the applet and this will all start making sense.)
  • Use the ruler marks on the posts to determine how high the posts and bars are.

Other Options

  • Undo a move - press U or click the undo arrow in the lower right.
  • Redo a move - press R or click the redo arrow in the lower right.
  • Next puzzle or previous puzzle - Click on the white arrows at the upper left and right corners.