Martial arts superstar Cliff Chen is on the set of his latest movie, Won-Ton Destruction II. In the scene being filmed, Cliff battles fighters of the infamous Taipei Blood Dragons in a warehouse full of crates of stolen artwork. The script calls for him to escape from the Blood Dragons by sprinting across the tops of the packing crates, toppling over some of them along the way.

Unfortunately, Cliff hasn't been able to think very clearly ever since his last movie when the stunt with the Zamboni and the roller coaster went horribly wrong. Cliff remembers that he starts this scene on the crate marked with the red square and ends on the gold crate marked with an E. And he recalls that he moves orthogonally (never diagonally) from one crate to another, never jumping across gaps and never touching the floor. (Climbing crates of different heights is no problem for an acrobat like Cliff.)

illustration of crate toppling over

As Cliff runs he topples over somes of the crates that are up on end. As a crate topples it lands in a clear spot on the floor. And as the crate falls Cliff jumps into the air and lands on the crate where it comes to rest. Once a crate is toppled over it doesn't move again for the rest of the scene.

Can you help Cliff reach the crate marked E and finish filming the scene? To make your job harder the director wants him to finish a number of takes, each with a different arrangement of crates. (Detailed rules are presented below.)


illustration of legal moves The crate above can only topple to the left where there are four clear spaces.

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