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Dry Cleaner II

The Dungeon of Stubborn Stains

Dry Cleaner 2 logo Your Uncle Martin is at it again. He has invented a new stain removing machine and installed one in the basement of each of his dry cleaning stores.

Your job is to visit each store and test the machines. The basements are filled with bags of dirty clothes hanging from racks that move on the same rail system Uncle Martin uses upstairs. He wants you to test the machine on the clothes in the red bags, but there are other clothes in the way that you'll have to move to get to them.

winning position To solve these puzzles, navigate the red rack with the red bags along the white rails to finish at the red pad at the top right of the puzzle. (A set of detailed rules is provided on each of the individual pages below.)

The puzzles are organized by stores, each store having several puzzles of increasing difficulty. The rails stay the same in a particular store, but the number and position of the racks and bags change with each puzzle. The early puzzles make good warm-ups for the last puzzle in each store.

If you haven't tried the regular Dry Cleaner puzzles, you might want to start with them first.

Good luck!

Each link below takes you to a store of puzzles. Or for a serious workout try the Stubborn Stain Challenge, consisting of only the most difficult puzzles from each store.

#101: The Store on Main Street
#102: The Store at Bargain Plaza
#103: The Store at the Corner of Jackson and Lee
#104: The Store at Middle Class Mall
#105: The Store at the Truck Stop
#106: The Store on the Internet
#107: The Store Next to the Other Store
#108: The Store in the Swamp
#109: The Store in the Hammock District
#110: The Store with the Funny Smell Nobody Can Figure Out
#111: The Last Store
The Stubborn Stain Challenge

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